About us

Hello Everyone,

My name is Anup Kumar Dutta. I am a certified Health Professional (Alternative Medicine) NECAM, Assam. From the last 8 years we have been working on health. Mainly we provide services to the patient in such a way that the patient gets well easily without any side effects, Because Our treatment procedure is completely based on natural therapeutic such as pranayama, yuga, water therapy, Usha Pana and Healthy diet etc. This site is mainly Designed For those people who wants to get relief from diseases by using natural herb. And also, Educational Purpose. I believe that every human being should have knowledge of basic health education Finally thinking all this I made this site.

Also, we have a YouTube channel THE MEDIFACTS. Here You will find such type of videos: – Education related medical sciences, herbal & other interesting facts of human health. If you are interested, please visit to our YouTube channel. Any viewers can directly contact with us through Comments or Email. You will get proper suggestion from my site.

Thank you all.


Anup kr dutta